Mezcal 33

Our History

Mezcal 33 Ultra-Premium Mezcal embodies the rich heritage, culture, and traditions of the people of Mexico in a sophisticated world-class mezcal.  Born in the sun-drenched, fertile soils of Oaxaca, Mezcal 33 is distilled from only the finest hand selected maguey to create a smooth, flavorful offering like none have tasted before; a new standard of mezcal.

Our Bottle

Each bottle of Mezcal 33 is crafted by hand using recycled blown glass in order to give a unique soul and identity to each piece, crowned with a stunning one karat gold leaf engraving offering old world refinement with a modern twist.

“ Consisting of a smooth, seductive flavor unequaled in its complexity, Mezcal 33 is an emblem of refinement and luxury.”



Produced in small batches and double distilled to ensure the highest quality standards, Mezcal 33 is carefully aged in French Oak Casks and finished in California Sherry Casks. The result: gently aromatic on the nose with a palate-filling explosion of flavor. Bold, bright, slightly smoky, and extraordinarily balanced.

Handcrafted at Hacienda Cemosa where mezcals have been made for over 200 years, Mezcal 33 is the first ultra-premium mezcal in the international market. Mezcal 33 is available in only the finest of establishments in Europe and the United States. In addition, a small part of production will remain in country and available among the most sophisticated locales in Mexico.